The village. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, a day late, I figured I’d stay true to the meaning behind my desire to write this. I envisioned so many other moms out there, just trying to do their best, feeling clueless, inadequate, and overwhelmed with joy, just like me. But also, no matter your situation, sometimes it can be so lonely. Social media has gotten more real (depending on who you follow) but that comparison game is still going strong.

Did you breast feed? Long enough? Start solids in the correct order? Co-sleep or not or have them close enough? Swaddled or passie? Cloth diapers? Organic clothing and food? Only safe, non-toxic, developmentally appropriate and stimulating toys? Enough time alone with your kiddo? With your spouse? Enough socialization? The right dicipline? Forming healthy attachments? You get the point.

So for real – please – it does take a village. Find those villagers who are real and support you. Who laugh with you and share their scary moments. Who will walk over to your house barefoot or braless (that’s a thing, right?!) Who know by looking at you that you’re not ok, and who would change your child’s poopy diaper. They’re out there. They’re other moms. I’m an introvert and I am still building relationships, and if I’ve done it, you can!

Motherhood is the best thing I’ve ever had the honor to experience, even this early into it. I’ve always dreamt of being a mama. In less than 2 1/2 years it’s brought some of my darkest moments. I’ve needed my village of neighbors, old friends, family by marriage, work friends, mommy friends, my actual mama, to help me through. It’s made the dark parts lead to shiny lights at the end of a long tunnel, it’s kept my head above water, and it’s made the joyful parts all that more magical. 

“We are who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” Romans 15:1


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