The new stuff.

It never stops with littles, does it!? Magical…but exhausting. New stuff every day.

I’ve had friends who’s (grammar?…sorry, that one always gets me 😏) kiddos just took to the potty. Like boom. Didn’t even have to do that whole family-emprisoned-for-a-weekend deal (I kid…we just can’t swing that). Sullivan was interested for a while, but we have hit a streak for a week (…or more???) where he really just wants me to read him a book every time he sits on the toilet and doesn’t pee a drop. Forget πŸ’©.

Well, I’m convinced we all have it easy in some areas and struggle in others. One of my easy areas, after some very hard times, is (most of the time 🀞🏼) Sullivan’s sleeping. We have our share of 5 AM mornings or crying through the evenings, but most of the time he sleeps a solid 7-8p to 6-7a. Let me be clear, however, I’m still a super exhausted mom. I don’t go to bed at 7 ;).Β Also, *most* nights he’s pretty easy to put to bed. We did some intense “sleep training” about 5 to 6 months into his appearance on earth… things were horrific at that point, he was not sleeping at all and I had gone back to work. Owen and I both were complete zombies, and both of us were incredibly miserable. Anyway, it paid off. We got lucky.

I had some Instagram stories recently about transitioning to a “big boy bed.” Sullivan started asking for one. He’s pretty good about asking for what he wants, so I figured we would give it a try. My mom had already gotten us a beautiful, antique twin bed for $25 at an estate sale. The stars aligned and Pottery Barn had their organic cotton children’s bedding on super sale, and a stellar mattress company was also having a great sale (Live and Sleep). They give back with their profit and almost all of their materials are organic. The mattress was really affordable. It’s very cozy.

For some reason I decided to try the first night in his “big boy bed” before I had a 14 hour day coming up. I was certain that the next day was going to be worse than the worst college hangover. Surprisingly, he was so excited, he slept in his bed that day for a nap and the whole night through. It has been almost a week, and, knock on wood, he has slept the entire time in his bed without a peep! Seriously, I’m cringing a little bit as I am writing this, because I know how lucky we are. I know this is incredibly rare. Anyone reading this who is hating me, I promise I will pay my dues somewhere else ✌🏼.

I have to say, I am certainly benefiting from the change. Now, I get to snuggle with him in bed when I am putting him to sleep and we read stories. It is a very sweet time and he “peps” me (pets my “big hair”) and gives me hugs and kisses. #iameatingitupΒ …I am savoring these moments, because I know it will be the blink of an eye before he will be embarrassed by any physical contact from me.

On another note, I was trying to get him to pee in the potty tonight (ps who now uses this term with their adult friends and doesn’t even realize it?!), and as I was washing my face he pulled all of the wheels off of his toy firetruck and threw them into the toilet and flushed. Oh well. I guess that’s what I get for buying a cheap toy that broke all of my shopping rules πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.


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