The busy life

I think I published 7 whole posts before I felt like I ran out of things to say 😜 but – then I reminded myself 1. I’m doing this for my own outlet 2. I’m not out to win a Pulitzer 3. My hope is other moms read this, and feel a sense of community.

I figured I’d share a smattering of thingsd  that I have found to make my to-do list shorter. These are not novel ideas nor creative genius. 

1. Chatbooks- this isn’t sponsored. I just love it. Updated my instagram photos recently and have all my favorites on paper! And now I’m not worried about losing all of my cyberspace/unprinted family photos in the internet apocalypse πŸ“·

2. Purging the house- the people at goodwill probably either think I’m totally insane or have like 3 houses…my rule has become anything not worn or used in the past year (exclusive of holiday type stuff) is gone. It makes finding what we need easier and life simpler. The house is still messy but maybe less messy?

3. Meal planning- not meal prep. I don’t always get “meal prep” done on the weekends. When I do, it’s magic. What I’ve started doing it having a list of simple/healthy recipes I found on Pinterest (I had strict guidelines for myself for simplicity’s sake…think “one pan!” or “20 minute…”), along with staples like spaghetti and “breakfast for dinner” in the rotation. I just took screen shots of the Pinterest recipes, actually, for easy acesss. I also picked recipes where I could substitute as needed. My brain shuts down at the end of the day and there’s no way I’ll think of anything that isn’t weird or plain pitiful for a meal. I can glance in the morning and pick one out. I keep the pantry well stocked (see previous post out my love affair with so usually I have what I need. 

That’s all I have. I won’t even justify a #4 with the idea of picking out clothes for myself and S the night before, but that’s something else I do. Nothing worse than going all day and hating your outfit! Here’s to hoping that pushing myself to write this will get the creative juices flowing. 


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