The struggle bus 🚌 

I think Sullivan is a great, well-behaved kid. Overall, I can take him most places (for limited amounts of toddler tolerated time) and we can grab a bite to eat without a major meltdown (like…80% of the time). You always hear about the terrible twos…I think ours have just started recently — it’s like the terribly two-and-a-halves-Sullivan style. I would love for any others moms to weigh in on their experiences!

1. I knew having a kid and a job outside the home would be at times stressful and almost always exhausting, but I had no idea of the reality. I feel like I’m always tired. I could always take a nap. I’ve adjusted to it as the new normal. I’m too tired almost any day, though, to do anything good for my brain. I got a pile of books for pleasure and medical journals that keep getting moved around. When I get “free time” my brain is still too fried to read them! Anyone? Anyone?

2. The defiance level has gone to a new high. About 50% of the time Sullivan says “no” and laughs at me! He’s a good kid! Is this normal?!

3. Mornings can be sweet or a disaster. Like make me late for work disaster. When I go into the office at 7, I used to be able to get ready and sneak out before he woke up. We go through periods (sadly the golden month of him sleeping until 8a is passed) when he wakes earlier than other times. The mornings when he wakes it is only me that will satisfy the fits and I feel like a jerk when I basically shove him in bed beside Owen and run out the door.

4. Baths, potty, brushing, meals — they can really be a fight! First he doesn’t want to get in, then he doesn’t want to get out. He doesn’t want to potty then I get him fully dressed then he does. I fix what he’s been asking for then he wants something totally different. What do other moms do, let them pick at it and go hungry or make something else?

It’s takes a village! Help a mother out πŸ‘†πŸΌβœŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


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