My brother-in-law made an important distinction for me and Owen last summer when we all went down to FL for ggma’s 90th: a vacation vs a family trip. Tricky in theory and verbiage I tell you! And nothing will piss you off more than the sleep and activities of a family trip when you’re expecting a vacation.

In summary: family trip = kids. Lovely. Magical. Memories in the making. Yes! Sleeping. Relaxing. Eating off-schedule. Quiet. Not so much.

I struggle with spending time away from Sullivan! I know a lot of moms feel that way with their kids! I wouldn’t wish this season away from anything. But we have to sleep, and connect with our spouses, too! Help me moms – what do you do, and what frequency? Alternate trips by year? Always take the kids? Save vacations for anniversaries only? I’m a newbie! I want to know!

So far, we have a “family beach trip” planned. Labor Day fun, an annual thing. Really great, super lucky to spend it with sweet, generous family. I’m running on fumes, however, and think I’m going to need (and Owen too) a *mini* vacation to make it through the summer to fall!


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