Sea of pee…and poop.

I do believe a few blog posts ago I was puzzled about potty training and also made some type of statement like we just “couldn’t swing” the weekend method. Well guess what we are doing this weekend?! No pants-in the house-potty training 🤦🏼‍♀️. Thankfully I wasn’t rock solid in that conviction. 

I’ve also become a professional excrement cleaner upper. As if a toddler wasn’t enough pee and poop, I have two, 11 year old dogs and one of them has started peeing and pooping In the house at night more than not. It’s killing me. Waking up and having to get that off the floor before I’ve had my coffee is rather unpleasant. I go out with her at night and sometimes she just stands there. It’s maddening. I may be getting some doggie diapers, but knowing her she would just shred them all over the house. 

It became very obvious that Sullivan was quite comfortable in his diaper. Given the option he was not going to start using the potty anytime soon. He doesn’t have older siblings to model this behavior. I knew he was ready, however, because he can certainly verbalize everything that he wants to me and he can climb up and down off of the toilet and for the most part get his pants down. I decided to get the Cliff’s Notes version of “oh crap, potty training” from Lucy’s List and read a few other quick reviews (sorry if I butchered the name of the book), and off the pants went.

I was very surprised at how well the first day went. Sullivan did not have any accidents but we did keep his miniature potty in the rooms with us. The second day, Sullivan got a little too confident and decided to piddle on the floor to be funny and tell me to clean it up. He got into quite a bit of trouble for that 🙃. It was completely intentional. At the end of day 2, I decided to try some shorts without underwear but he kept peeing in them. We are on day 3 and I will try shorts again but I’m honestly perplexed about what to do tomorrow, he has to go back to school and he certainly can’t go naked! We shall see.

I won’t go into an explanation of the “method” because frankly I did not read all of the analysis and details behind it, but in the weekend warrior potty training world, here are our hangups:

  1. I have the only kid in America that doesn’t like juice. He’s not especially inclined to drink water all the time, even though he does like it. All he wanted was chocolate milk (thanks, pizza outing with Daddy ;). I grossly diluted chocolate milk but I still wasn’t willing to give it to him all day. Maybe I should’ve. There went “pushing fluids.”
  2. He holds his pee (which is a good thing) but me bugging him every 20 minutes to pee even when he had a lot to drink didn’t work. He had to go on his own which was unpredictable for a day or so. 
  3. Like I said earlier, the shorts are a hang up. Solution tbd. 

Hopefully, daycare won’t call me Monday saying things are a total disaster. And hopefully my sweet old dog(s) won’t ruin my 100 year old wood floors 💩.


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