Current house situation ::mess::

I clearly remember nannying in college for a family with 3 kids and making judgements about their perpetual mess and chaos. I would never be a mom like that! I would never leave dishes in the sink for 5 days, sleep on mismatched sheets and pillow cases (the horror) or pull some bizarre dinner together at the last minute from the freezer with pasta and peas.

Well – here I am! I’m that mom! And I only have 1 kid so far! I have 3 old dogs that shed and dust bunnies and piles of laundry and dishes and mismatched sheets. My bed is neverΒ made. Sometimes I make the weirdest dinners when the grocery selection is getting thin (I do have macro-esque based standards ;). Sometimes, when I’m home with S for the day, we eat in front of the TV off paper towels. I love it. I’m so not the mom I though I would be. We are wrinkled and messy and have lint rollers stashed everywhere. And sometimes, Owen gets to the point where he wears gym shorts before he gets to his laundry, but I did put the nix on doing his laundry a few months ago. Separate post. πŸ˜‡

I laugh and shudder at my pre-kid self with unrealistic expectations of the white picket fence pristine life. Thankfully the love from our reality is better, and deeper, than I ever could have imagined.


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