The small things…that make you feel old

I have had this series of events this summer that have done nothing better that remind me of my…maturity…

  1. I pulled my phone about 6 inches farther away from my face to read the screen. I haven’t gained those 6 inches back. That arm extension is staying. 
  2. The music was too loud at the bar. In my defense, I would’ve thought it was too loud when I was 23, too. 
  3. I keep getting called ‘mam. Meh. I still get carded, most of the time. 
  4. I’ve graduated to higher waisted things, all types of things (separate event, see #6).
  5. I don’t get the “unboxing” fetish, and while I do love instagram, I really don’t want to watch people open things?
  6. I had a girl’s night out dinner, and one of our conversation topics was about the most comfortable full-coverage underwear we have found to date (this one may be the worst…๐Ÿ˜‚).

What makes you feel old? Own it, friends. Coverage is the new thong, 40 is the new 30 and being comfortable is, well, always a priority ๐Ÿ˜


2 Replies to “The small things…that make you feel old”

  1. Hahaha this is so me! I get so annoyed with loud music in bars now. Im like, why would you come to a place where you can’t hear people!? And I got high waisted underwear after my c-section and have yet to graduate back to the others… three years later!

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