The terrible twos and technology 

Lately Sullivan has had a few fits just to show me where “terrible twos” came from. Most of the time, if it’s not something about eating, it’s an iPad power struggle ensuing. If I let him, he would watch it/play on it all day. I’ve never tested this theory, but I am curious 😊

I want to limit his screen time, keep him interested in “real” things (thankfully he loves books and playing with his other toys which involve exercising creativity), and reduce that need for instant gratification. What I’m wondering is how to best balance that with the fact that I am almost certain his education and likely his future career will be based on skills with technology…who knows?

What do you other toddler moms do? Ride the waves into the future or strictly keep it simple? 


2 Replies to “The terrible twos and technology ”

  1. There are many many ways you were preparing him for the future, besides technology of course. He certainly only needs a little bit at this point. If he’s watching trains on the iPad it’s not much different than watching cartoons on TV. You know how to keep him well-rounded.


  2. I got my son a kindle fire for Christmas. Before that he used the household iPad. Sometimes I do overuse it for babysitting but it’s been mostly positive for us. During the week overuse isn’t an issue because he spends most of the time at daycare getting real life hands on experiences with other kids. By the time he’s had dinner there’s only about 30 minutes until bedtime and sometimes he prefers playing with his toys for this time. But on weekends if I we’re not out and about he spends a lot of time on it. I usually try to find things to do so that doesn’t happen like going to the park, play dates, and just going with me running errands. But he learned is colors, numbers, letters, and shapes all before 2 from videos and apps on the tablet.

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